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4 01, 2012

Sweet pot covers

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Hello Hello Hello!

Sweet morning to you all! This is for you my sweeties the tutorial of the jam pot covers! I’ve made a written one and a graphic one for those of you who prefer graphic patterns (like myself 😉 )

For the pot covers I made I used as yarn : Stylecraft special DK, a very good acrylic yarn, with a 3.5mm crochet hook. I still have some stylecraft leftover yarn from my Granny MONSTER I made back in 2010 🙂 I love leftovers 🙂

So? Are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Prepare some leftover yarn, a good crochet hook … aaaaaaaaand… let’s dooooooooooooo it!

For this pattern I’ll use the U.K terms.

Remember a tr (U.K terms) = dc (U.S terms) = bride (France)

and a dc (U.K terms) = sc (U.S terms) = maille serree (France)

Written pattern:

Make 4 ch and close to obtain a circle.

Rnd1: Inside the circle, crochet 12 treble (U.K terms).

Rnd 2: Increase: crochet 2 tr. in every tr. of the previous rnd. Total: 24 tr

Rnd3: Increase: crochet 1tr. on the first tr. of the previous rnd then 2 tr.on the second tr. of the previous rnd, 1tr, 2 tr, 1tr, 2tr etc etc to obtain in total: 36 tr

Rnd4: As round 3: 1tr, 2 tr, 1tr, 2tr etc etc … Total: 54 tr

Rnd5: As rnd 3 and 4: 1tr, 2tr, 1tr, 2tr etc etc … Total: 81tr

Rnd6: make 1tr on the first tr of the previous rnd then 1 ch. leaving one tr of the previous rnd empty. 1tr, 1ch, 1tr, 1ch etc

This round, round6, is made for the passage of the chain you’ll crochet after. You have to pull this chain and make a beautiful bow to transform your doily into a pot cover…(see next pic how the red chain has been inserted)

Rnd7: Increase: 1tr on the tr of the previous round, 2tr on the chain of the previous round, 1tr, 2tr, 1tr, 2tr etc etc

Rnd8: 4dc on the first 4 tr of the previous round then 1dc-3ch-1dc on the 5th tr of the previous round so: 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc-3ch-1dc,  1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc-3ch-1dc, etc etc

You have now a small doily 🙂

Crochet a chain of 100ch. to pass between the trebles of round 6.

Pull this chain and make a beautiful bow! You’ve done it 🙂

Graphic pattern:

Symbols used:

Round 1 to 7:


That’s it! A very simple, quick project to use all your leftovers 🙂

You have now a beautiful jam pot cover to brighten up your kitchen table! or a small colorful doily… when you’ve already eaten all the jam 😉

Happy crocheting!


2 01, 2012

Something sweet to begin the new year with …

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Goooooooood morning sweeties!

This is my first 2012 post 🙂 How’s everything? How was your new year’s eve? Are you still digesting ALLLLL the food you’ve eat that night? Did you start a diet like myself to loose all the extra weight of the holidays ? 🙂 hahaha It will be so hard for me …

Today, there is something sweet I want to share with you… something I crocheted during these holidays…The girls are still at home until January 9 so there is little crochet happening while they are here…not too much… just a little…to start 2012 with…

Some sweet jam pot covers 🙂

These pot covers are very easy to make…I’ll share with you the pattern next time 😉


They can be used as colorful doilies too 🙂



and they’ll brighten up for sure your kitchen’s shelves 🙂


Hope you loved them … If you do, I’m preparing right now the pattern so you can crochet your own 😉

Happy new year once again!

Sending you lots lots of kisses,