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2 09, 2013

C and S

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Do you remember the cushions I started in this post here? Well… They are done now and I can’t wait to show them to you…

I must confess…they were a pain in the a… to make… Those tiny squares are not so enjoyable (can we say that in english? 😉 ) to crochet…And I was like: when will my torture stop? 😀

But I like the result…

Here they are… tadaaaaaa


First you have the “S” for my youngest daughter Sarah … Here is a close up to my torture 🙂


Tiny one-round squares joined as I go following a cross stitch diagram 😉

And here is the second one “C” for my daughter Christina



Here they are on their beds…6-CandS

Do you like them? I love them and the girls too…But I will not make anymore one of these (sorry baby Joe…I will make another kind of personalised cushion for your room…I promise…)

Before I go … a last pic of the shelves in the girls room… because I managed to clean and tidy the mess on these this week…


Wishing you a beautiful week full of sunshine and good things…

Thank you so much for visiting…

Thank you for your prayers and your so kind words on my last post… they really made me feel better …

Love to all!


P.S: Sorry about these words with links in the blog…I really don’t know what they are all about…and how to fix them…please ignore them until I find a solution 😉 THANK YOU!

10 07, 2013

Wips and a tadaaa

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Hello lovelies,

How are you?

It’s been like ages since I last posted… life has been chaotic in my part of the world… Too much family and children time…so much to do…so little time … children at home…no time for myself…just time for crochet in the evenings …I am sure you understand…

I’ve managed to finish the baby boy’s ripple…Here it is….


Not my-kind-of-colors but I like the softness of the whole blanket and I am sure the future-mother-to-be will love it 🙂


And I’ve been crocheting like mad the tiny-squares-letter-cushion…

Wanna see the progress I’ve made?


I finished the C and on the way to finish the S too 😀


Even though they are making me crazy and bored and and and…. I must make them…

Maybe three of them for the children…


I will start the J for Joseph as soon as I finish the S of Sarah…


Today, I’ll be in my craft room making the fabric cushions for these 2…

And you? What are you making today?

I wish you a wonderful day and hope to get back to you soon 😉

Kisses and hugs



26 06, 2013

Something new…

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Good morning sweeties,

I posted last week this pic of my actual wip on facebook and instagram…


Can you guess what it’s all about?

Well, this is my progress so far (pic taken today)…


Now I think you guessed 😉

It is a cushion with letter C like for Christina my daughter 🙂

A cushion made with tiny grannies (one round) joined as I go 🙂

I crocheted one tiny granny…took its measures…. (3 x 3 cm) …made my calculation to obtain a cushion of 45 x 45cm … As a result I had to crochet something with 15 x 15 tiny granny squares… so I draw the letter C using a grid of 15 x 15 squares like for the cross stitch … and began the crocheting… as simple as that … and I am very happy with how it is turning out…


Even though I have to crochet a total of 175 tiny squares (15×15)!!! woooohoooooo!!!

And this is not all … I have to make one S cushion for Sarah… and one J for little Joseph… one N for hubby (Nicolas) and maybe one A for myself (Angie) woooohoooo…

Should I calculate the total number of squares here ???

I better not 😀 I better enjoy the processing of making each cushion with a lovely frame and a nice crocheted edging 🙂

Have to leave you now my friend…

Hope to show you the cushion done very soon

I have to show you too the baby boy’s ripple (yes it is done too 🙂 )

Now we are going for a long weekend to the beach… See you next week!

Take care

Sending you BIG BIG Kisses