23 07, 2014

Turkey 2014

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We’ve had a wonderfully sunshiny beautiful week in Turkey (Letoonia club – Fethiyeh). Enjoying the sun, the beach, the sand in our toes 🙂

We’ve really needed this one week vacation away from everything to recharge our batteries (mine was really really empty 🙂 )










* I couldn’t resist going to Turkey and not bying some wonderful yarn: chunky yarn in beautiful colors: Alize: This is the first time I’m trying this brand…will tell you more about it once I begin using it 😉 (1st pic) and some of the Nako yarn that were missing from my stash 🙂


Now I am back home, happy, calm, batteries fully charged 🙂 I love my home and I love going back to my crochet wips too. One week without holding a hook that was veryyyyyy long 🙂

Sending you sunshine, colors, and lots of kisses!


24 05, 2012

Souvenirs de vacances…

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Good morning sweet people!

I really really missed you! Today, a simple post to show you what I purchased during my trip. Please don’t laugh…I have a problem, a serious one, you know, I always buy childish things … I just love childish colorful things and I can’t help myself resisting to the temptation… Every time I say to myself: do the normal thing everybody does, do the normal shopping in normal stores, go see clothing brandy shops and buy normal clothing for yourself instead of buying these nonsenses but this is me… and I can not make “the normal kind of” shopping…

Wanna see what it’s all about? ok!

From Barcelona, I bought this cute little poster. (The original painting was made by a very talented spanish painter but I couldn’t afford buying the original one) and also magnets to add to my collection on the fridge…

I love collecting magnets from every country I visit and I have now several…

I love my magnets … every one of them have a memory and I have a small story behind  it 🙂

From Barcelona, I bought also this cute little handpainted owl…

The one next to it (in stone) was a gift from my grandparents and it is very special to me and holds a special place in my heart.

From Italy, as you may already guessed, I bought a wooden “pinocchio” 🙂

to add to my wooden dolls collection 😉

From the frensh “provence”: this cute couple of farmers for my kitchen…

I just love their cute little faces. The tea pot you see in the pic above was a purchase from last year trip to Istanbul.

And finally, from the port of Civitavechia in Italy, this cute little handmade door-key bear…

You see? It is nothing too huge and too important…It is not cool stuff and brandy clothing… It is just small treasures that makes my heart sing with joy… I just cherish objects and they hold special places in my heart specially when there is a small story or memory behind them…

Simple things are the best….don’t you agree?

Have to leave you now and wish you a special day wherever you are on this planet…

Big hugs!


P.S: In my next post,  I’ll be holding a small giveaway to celebrate my 1000 followers. That happened a couple of months ago but I totally missed it 🙂 Thank you so much for always being here and visiting and leaving such sweet words…You are the best! That’s why….Stay tuned for next time 😉

22 05, 2012

I am back :)

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Good morninnnnnnnnnnnng!

How are you? It is soooo good to be back to blogland 🙂 I’ve had a terrific week and I feel rested and happy! Batteries are full again! Yeaaah! and I missed you all so much 🙂 When I opened again my computer, there was more than 600 new posts to read on my reader OHHHH huge 🙂 so I surely missed some of your beautiful creations and wips and lovely posts… I will surely read them all one by one 🙂 because I love to…

We’ve had a wonderful trip Hubby and me …A romantic cruise to 4 of the most beautiful cities…

I’ve posted pics on my facebook, if you’re interested in having a peek here they are:

-Our stay in Barcelona…a really really beautiful city…I fall in love with every stone of Barcelona …It is soo wonderful ! You can see my pics of Barcelona, HERE!

-Our stay in the frensh coast, in Cannes and a beautiful old village called: St Paul de Vence…Oh woow I really wished I can live there…St Paul de Vence is a wonderful village with old houses and flowers, flowers everywhere…my kind of place 🙂 Sooo beautiful and calm and PERFECT… HERE are some pics for you to enjoy!

– Our stay in Italy: Firenze and Civitavechia: It was a very short stay so we were always in a hurry and were not being able to enjoy it as we should…We will come back for sure for a longer stay in Italy … HERE are some pics!

And finally, our stay on the boat 🙂 A beautiful boat called: Liberty of the seas…You can see the pics HERE!

I’ll show you next time some small “souvenirs” I brought back with me from the trip! I stayed 8 days without crochet and could not find any craft shop during all my trip …so I really really really missed my yarn and hook 😉

Have a lovely day!
Kisses to all of you one by one 🙂
P.S: Thank you so much for caring about my little daughter Sarah. She’s doing fine and she’s totally cured. We’re all 5 doing fine 😉
11 05, 2012

Goodbye! Arrivederci! Despedida! Aurevoir!

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I’m packing 🙂

I’m a little sad to leave the girls for a whole week mainly because Sarah (my youngest) is not feeling well…she has fever, flu and a little sore throat…

but I’m happy too…I need those vacations, alone with my one and only, I need to rest far from my everyday’s routine … My battery need to be recharged 😉

So, my friend, have to go now! I’ll miss you for sure and I’ll be thinking of you during my trip!

See you very soon 🙂

Lots, lots of kisses!


P.S: If you order one of the “for-sale” patterns during this week, please note that you’ll receive it on May20 and not within 24 hours 🙂 Thank you for your understanding!

24 06, 2011

Istanbul pics (part1)

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Hello! I’m back from my escape to Istanbul … It was a very nice trip… Just my hubby and me… Together to recharge our batteries 🙂


Batteries are full again…miss my girls…miss Home …

It is so good to be back 🙂

More pics, some new yarn, crochet goodies bought there and and and two new wip coming soon…

Stay tuned 😉