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25 09, 2014

Vstitch square blanket tadaaaaa

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Hello hello hello

I am very happy today to be with you here and to share with you my latest creation 🙂

The Vstitch squares blanket in all its glory 🙂



This blanket is very special to my heart. The design of the squares is my very own and I am proud of it 🙂


The choice of joining with grey gave it a very warm and snuggly look and I must confess… I am in love with it 🙂


It is very special too because it is a wedding gift and the wedding will be this saturday…yes exactly Saturday September 27 🙂 and I am on time… I was afraid that it will not be finished before the wedding but now I am happy 🙂 Very happy…


I used my faithful and beloved Nako Vizon acrylic yarn with a 4.5mm hook and I love how soft and snuggly it is 🙂


You can find the pattern of the squares to purchase for a symbolic price HERE


I joined the squares as I go with the last round. And for the edging I made a super simple one…. A round of V stitch with picot 🙂 Oh how I love picots 😉


I really really love this blanket and I hope that it will be loved in its new home.


I hope that you, lovelies, my friends, loved it too 🙂


Wishing you a super hyper weekend!




9 09, 2014

Moments to treasure

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Good morning sweeties around the globe 😉 THANK YOU so much for your wonderful response and support concerning my latest patterns 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL! These are some moments of my previous week I’d love to share with you 🙂 Enjoyyyyyyy 1 *Waking up to a beautiful mess… 3 2 4 *My latest blanket in progress… A wedding gift… Pattern of the squares HERE 5 *My table runner being used as a car parking…makes my heart melts with LOVE 🙂 (Chart of the table runner’s square HERE ) 6 *Coffee…Coffee … my everyday compagnion …with crochet of course 😉 7 *Lazy Sunday afternoon… Watching Ben and Holly 🙂 and quite enjoying it 😉 8 *My brain… my yellow filofax… without it I would be totally lost … 9 *Picking up yarn for a new wip 🙂 I looooooove to do that…. 10 11 *The new wip is a baby blanket. (Pattern of the square can be found HERE) I have actually 3 pregnant cousins. The first baby boy is due in December. The second a boy too is due in February and the third (boy or girl?) due in April. So I have 3 baby blankets to crochet and that makes me veeeeery happy 🙂 This blanket will be for baby 1 (december) and will fly to the US 😉 These were my weekly moments…moments of joy… moments of rest… moments of excitement… moments of pure bliss … Wishing you a wonderful week! Sucrette

30 08, 2014

Vstitch square

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Dear all,

I’ve added 12 step by step pictures of round1 till round4 of my Vstitch square pattern and some details explanations about round 3 🙂

So, if you’ve already purchased the pattern I will try to send you the new “version” within 24 hours. If you do not receive it please email me so I’ll send it to you!

The new “version” is a PDF file that includes the origial chart.

If you did not purchased the pattern yet and wish to do it, you can from HERE and you’ll receive directly the new “version”.

Happy weekend my friends!


29 08, 2014


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Hello hello hello!

Thank you so much for your great response and support concerning my Vstitch square 🙂 It made me sooooo happy watching you day by day in the previous week ordering my pattern and being as excited as I was crocheting it 🙂 WOOOOW! THANK YOU! It means a lot to me when you love that much something I’ve made … It makes me proud and happy 🙂 THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!


I’ve began joining my squares with grey and I totally fall for this beautiful color I used to hate… It is weird how people change… When I first began to crochet I hated grey and mustard… now they are between my favorites…


Grey… I think it gives a warm touch to a blanket… making it cosier and inviting to snuggle under… Don’t you think?


I love how the grey turned out when used as a joining color…


and I love how the colors changed when surrounded with grey….


This blanket will be a wedding gift…the wedding will be end of september … so I must hurry a little… but the squares work up so fast I think it will be finished in no time…


The lovely people that are getting married will have a grey couch in their new home … so the blanket will be perfect on it 🙂 I hope that they will love it as much as I am loving crocheting it for them 🙂

You can find the pattern of the squares on the right sidebar of the blog… or HERE 😉

And I am joining my squares as I go with the grey round. You can learn more about the joining-as-you-go method in the wonderful blog of Lucy HERE 😉

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


23 08, 2014

V stitch square

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Good morning lovely people!

I’ve been through some creative days this past weeks and I still can not understand what really happened with me… I was hit by Mrs Lola the little owl idea and once I did it and put its pattern online … the very next day… while drinking my morning coffee I was hit by another idea… a V stitch square … and I was all day long so very hyper excited about it…. couldn’t think or do something else… was like crazy… drawing on papers …and then throwing the papers in the bin… holding my hook and yarn… then throwing them on the sofa and taking back my paper and pen… crazy crazy crazy 🙂

After all these drawings and tryings, crocheting and unravelling, for long hours… I was like after a long gym session… totally K.O 😀

Then I sat quietly, took again my hook and yarn and begin crocheting …

And then it was here…so clearly in front of my eyes…and I was like oh oooooh oh oh oh 🙂 very happy… soooo very happy. I phoned my husband in its office to announce to him that I made a new square… and he did not understand why I was so talking like a crazy excited girl for just a square… poor guy 😀 😀

So, lovely people, after the huge success of the V stitch blanket on Instagram and everywhere on the net let me introduce you to the V stitch square…


my latest creation…my little baby 🙂


Isn’t it beautiful? I just LOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE it 🙂 I tried it using different yarns ….


The chunky one will be transformed into a cushion… and the others … I think a blanket with a deep grey joining….


What do you think? Isn’t it gorgeous?


It is an addictive kind of square…once you begin you can not let down your hook… anymore 😉 And it works up fast… very fast…


You can make your square as big as you want… using it to make blankets, cushions, potholders, coasters, table runners and much much more 🙂


Once you crochet the first 4 rounds it gets very easy to follow… and you’ll enjoy hours and hours of soothing and calming crochet therapy 🙂

I draw the chart for this square, explaining the symbols used with US, UK and even French terms. It is a CHART not a written pattern. I included with the chart 12 step by step pictures of round 1, 2, 3 and 4.

You can buy it for 3.5 USD from  below:

Once the payment is done, you’ll receive WITHIN 24 HOURS a PDF file to download.

Hope you’ll enjoy this wonderful square 🙂

Sending you love and kisses