Good morning my friend,

I’ve been busy during these past two days working on a new pattern…I don’t know if there is or not something similar on the net but this is my very own version 🙂

It is a plain circle (with no holes :)) in a kind-of-granny-square-border:

I don’t know why I am loving the black color with other bright colors these days…I am adding black to my january2011 projects and liking it sooo much…It brighten more the other colors giving them more shining…don’t you think?

I made two squares with a cream border so you can see more clearly the 4th round of the square:

I don’t know yet what I’ll be doing with my black border squares…Will they turn into a blanket, a cushion? Will I make some coasters with cotton yarn? 🙂 The only thing I know is that I love this square…

…and I am gonna post its pattern for you tomorrow 🙂

Have a joyful day!