Good morning beautiful people!

I hope that you are ok, happy and healthy wherever you are.

Today’s post is an update of my current crochet wips. What else to share with you my likeminded friends? 😉


Most of the time, specially in the evenings, I crochet so I don’t think much, I crochet so I don’t look at the news, I crochet so I don’t become crazy… That’s why every week I have a lot of crochet to share… It is my medicine, my anti stress, my kind of escape for a better world where everyone live in PEACE with everyone. The world has become an horrible place so much violence, blood and injustice that you have to find your way to not become insane 🙂

So, my dear friend, here is what I am up to these days… Working on 3 different wips



* A granny squares bedspread for our bed…just grannies surrounded with black… I am making now the squares will join them later… I am not even half way done but I love doing grannies, they are my favorite that’s why no hurry …I am taking my time enjoying every stitch 🙂




* My Crochet Mood Blanket 2014. Up to date 🙂 Proud of it 🙂 I love it soooo much 🙂 I am crocheting one square a day and above in the close up pic you can see the hole month of July 🙂




*And finally my latest addiction: The Vstitch blanket 🙂 if you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook you already know about how much I am addicted to this project  😀 You have to try it! It is … well… ADDICTIVE 😉

Well… my sweeties… These were the 3 wips I am working on at the moment. Crochet is my therapy to face this cruel world and the war that is threatening my beautiful country… I need your prayers my friends… I don’t know if I’ll have internet or no in the coming days due to the situation here 🙁 It is really awful 🙁 Please pray for my country and for its army… Pray for the innocent people… Pray for a better tomorrow…

Thank you so much dear readers… It really means a lot having you here 🙂

Peace and Love