Good morning my friend!

A new start of the year with a new project…

You can nerver guess how much I am excited by this project!!

Let me tell you all about it so maybe you join me…

A  lovely Instagram friend (Mummy_Stacey) is behind this project. She suggested to make 1 square per day or 1 square per week during 2014 depending on your mood…

If you make 1 square per day you’ll have end2014 a blanket with a total of 365 squares.

If you make 1 square per week (and here you can crochet a bigger square) you’ll end up with a blanket of 52 squares.

You choose each day (or week) a color to crochet your square with and this color must reflect the mood you are in…

You can have more details and info on Mummy-Stacey instagram here.

There is a facebook group too for all the members. And a ravelry group.

I decided to join the fun and make a square/day. I chose carefully the design of my square. It is a very simple one. 5 rows of 12 treble each and a last round of 1sc-3ch-1sc around the square to join it to the others as I go…


January 1 : light purple: Feeling very sleepy all day long

Here are my squares joined -as-I-go so far:


January 2: Yellow: The energy is back and I felt in a very happy and full of energy mood 🙂

January3: Turquoise: I was thinking about vacations and was feeling a little blue…

Did you noticed how I joined my squares?


I joined them after a 90deg rotation of each one… I love the idea of having a patchwork of crochet in the end 😉

I prepared a sheet and decided to make a blanket of 360 squares like you can see on this paper:


I will crochet 30 squares each month. When the month is 31 days I’ll have a free day 😉


I’ve already crocheted january 1, 2 and 3…

I’ll keep this sheet in my everyday filofax 🙂


I’ll use yarn from my stash – mostly leftovers 🙂 and pick up the color each evening depending on how was my day …

I hope that this blanket end 2014 will be full of bright and happy colors 😉

So, my friends, did you like this wonderful idea? Would you like to join the fun?

Come on! grap your hook and crochet a square…(It can be any square you want…a granny…african flower…a square you love in particular)

Each square took me 7 minutes with the joining part…7 little minutes per day for crochet all over the year…It is easy to do… and the result will be a cherished blanket with a full year of memories behind each small part of it 😀

So? Are you still thinking? We are already more than 1000 crocheters around the world…

A beautiful worldwide crochet-along 🙂

And we are waiting for you to join 😉

Happy day to all!