It’s been a huge pleasure for me to read all your wonderful comments, wishes and prayers 🙂 I felt really blessed and lucky to have you all 🙂 THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart 🙂

Today, I’ll show you the cross stitch I made between 2004 and 2007. At that time, I knew how to crochet but did not like it at all 😉 In fact, I used to look at my mother and grand mother crocheting and think: “how can they love to crochet like mad women ?” and they used to tell me : “one day, you’ll give up the cross stitch for the crochet, you’ll see!” and me: ” No WAY!! ” 🙂 and then, one day, in 2008, I came across the fabulous blog of Lucy and felt in love 🙂 It was like an “illumination” for me. I think it is this way for many of us 🙂 and from that day, I am totally hooked 🙂

About the cross stitch, I ‘ll show you today the frames left in my house…I’ve made so much more … they are in friends houses, some in my family’s, some I even sold at exhibitions…

Here are the ones left in my house:

In the hall way between the rooms:

In the girls sleeping room:

This one (in the pic above) took me many months 🙂 I still can’t believe when I look at it how I was patient at that time 🙂

In the girls playing room:

In the entrance :

and finally, in our room:

I took all these designs from magazines I borrowed from friends and from our local library except the last one: the one with the hearts: I created the design myself 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my cross stitch frames 🙂

Sending you LOVE and KISSES!