Hello Lovelies!

Today I want to share with you a book that holds a special place in my heart…it is on my shelves for quite some time now and I keep checking it day after day … It is the most beautiful decoration book I’ve ever seen (and I am not taking any money for saying that 🙂 hehe )

It is called : “Decorate” and I am sure some of you have heard about it…

It has the most beautiful pics and brilliant decorating  ideas (don’t know if you love decoration books but they are my favorite 🙂 )

It is the only decorating book that I adore from cover to cover…I’m crazy in love with every single page of it…

I bought it from a local book seller here but you can find it trough amazon here… (I think that the cover has been changed…I just noticed that when I searched for it on amazon to give you the link)

and the author have a lovely blog too… go take a peek (it really really worth a visit)

That’s everything for today…(It’s been quite some times that I wanted to share with you this lovely book , if I could I would shown you all the pages 🙂 )

See you next time for the big tadaaaaa day of my daughter Sarah’s Kaleidoscope blanket…Yes it is almost done (I’m crocheting right now the final border round) and it is, I have to admit, B E A U T I F U L :)) really really…

So, stay tuned 😉

Kisses to all!


P.S: For those who are asking about the GIANT Granny Challenge…Yes it is still going on and you can, of course, still join! There is no date limit for participating or for finishing the blanket! It is just a fun experience that we are all sharing together and you can post your pics here or here ! ciao ciaoooo