Good morniiiiiiiiiiiiiing,

Well well well my fairy tale is finished…done…terminée….Can I say FINALLY finished? Yes, kind of… because at the very end I was like: “I want to finish you because I can not stand you anymore on my knees!!!” 🙂 but the result is amazing and I am proud 🙂

Lets have some pics…shall we?

I started this blanket in my old house on the 15th of January…and blogged about it here…

2 months and a half crocheting squares… a total of 180 squares…

…180 squares joined on-the-go using this pattern

…180 squares crocheted with a 4 mm hook and a wonderful 100% acrylic yarn called “Nako vizon” (you can see the yarn I used in this post)

Dim: 145x180cm which is big enough to snuggle under… 🙂

…a blanket made with memories…a “move” to a new house and a new beginning…

… like a flower meadow…in a spring morning 🙂

I think this blanket will be very much loved 🙂

so, what do you think? Are you, just like myself, totally crazy in love? 😀

A very last pic before leaving you my dear….Wishing you a wonderful monday 😉

Thank you for your visit!