Good morning!

Here is an update of my ripples of happiness 🙂

I don’t know if you noticed something has changed in the blanket (apart from the fact that I added more rows of course 😉 ) … In the third picture you can guess…

Yes, the beginning of the blanket has changed 🙂 Remember my first post ? I started the blanket with the green color and now the first row is in orange ..well I did not unravel or start again from the beginning…no…I just added some rows to the beginning of my ripple…

Well, to tell you the truth, I did not like at all how the first rows looked like and how the whole color scheme of the blanket was not my-kind-of-colors-scheme….and I hate, HATE, to unravel something… so I had to improvise 🙂 and the result was amazing 🙂

So, my lovelies, if you’re following my ripples of happiness pattern and you’re not pleased by the colors of your first rows, I’ll tell you in my next post how to add some rows to the other part of your blanket (the beginning part) 😉

Now, I can tell , that I am happy, really really happy with my ripple…I feel that it is “me” again and when you feel that a project is “you” you crochet it with LOVE 🙂 much much more LOVE 🙂

Hope that you’re loving your wip project as much as I do…

Thank you so much for visiting today 🙂

Happy friday!