A quick follow up for the giant granny challenge 😉


1- Crochet and crochet and crochet a very big and colorful granny square… as big as you can 🙂

2- Share your pics on flickr so we can all crochet together as we were in the same room 🙂 I’ve just created a group on flickr where we can all share our pics even the ones that do not have a blog or website . This is the link to the group:


If you have something else in mind (another address or place to share our pics please do not hesitate to tell…

3- No deadlines! No certain nbr of rounds required! You are free to use the yarn that you like, the colors that you love and make it as big as you want 🙂

If you have already began one you can continue…It is after all just a fun experience and our goal is to share something we are all creating with the same classic pattern used ages ago by our grandmothers…a simple granny square 🙂

4- No stress, just fun! Remember that we are making this just to have some fun and create our own version and have many different blankets to be inspired by …

We have until now 37 participants…

You can find the list of the first 21 participants on my previous post …

22- Charlotte (Maybe) (I wish you a smooth delivery 🙂 )

23- Tabitha 1961 ron

24- nliedel

25- Rochelle

26- Tracy Marie Reed

27- Bri Butler

28- Abbie (No blog or web address)

29- Anne Marie

30- Lynne

31- Karen

32- Alejandra

33- Claudia

34- Totally Cooked (No blog or web address) (yes, of course you can 😉 )

35- Antara (No blog or web address)

36- Eileen

Please tell me if I forgot someone or if I made a wrong link 😉

36 until now 🙂 wooooow I am so happy 🙂 The more the merrier 🙂

If you still want to participate, do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!

Do not forget to put your pics here on flickr ladies ! I am so thrilled to begin looking at them 🙂



P.S: To Ohangelina: I make 1 chain between the trebles everywhere…and round after round I keep making just one … Hope this helped 😉