Good morning lovely people,

Hope you wake up today in a colorful mood and you’re enjoying a lovely weather too!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on Melody! She was really happy that you liked her 🙂

We reached already 71 participants to our granny challenge 🙂

The latest participants are:


66- Cunitia

67- Julie

68- Another tangled mess

69- Libby

70- Jude Matthews

71- Vagirl

Welcome ladies to our fun crochet a-long!!

Today I want you to applause our friend AntaraCeletna who has already crocheted 62 rounds and maybe more… 62 rounds !! woooow ! We are sooo proud of you 🙂 and her blanket is lovely with beautiful colors 🙂 Do not miss it: it is here 🙂 You did an amazing  job so far AntaraCeletna !! BRAVO!

There is a lot of wonderful blankets on flickr here and on Ravelry here….Go take a peek, it really worth a visit 🙂

Mine has 38 rounds so far and it is very big already…I think it is because the yarn I’m using is a little chunky…

The days are getting hotter and hotter here (36 Celsius) and I have some difficulties putting it on my lap while crocheting 🙂

But I’m enjoying every single stitch …and that what counts 😀

This is my favorite pic so far:

mmmh deliciosa 😀

I’m a granny-obsessed-lover!

and as much as I enjoy crocheting I love looking at everyone’s GIANT and love how the other blankets are slowly getting bigger and bigger …

You are making wonderful pieces of ART ladies! Keep on the beautiful job 😉

Before leaving you today I want you to take a look there 🙂 (miammm that is really delicious 🙂 ) (Thank you Linda for this very cute link !)

Have a wonderful sunshiny week!