Gooooood morning!

How are you today? A small peek into October


It was a really good month full of crochet 🙂

Now that my shawl is done I am now working on 3 different wips. Actually I have 4 wips but one of them is left behind. It is my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014. I am simply not in the mood to work on it. But I know deep inside that I’ll finish it one day…one day…but not now 😉

I love the fact that I am working on 3 different projects at the same time, picking one I feel like crocheting today and picking another different one tomorrow… that “method” suits me a lot and keeps me entusiastic about all my crochet wips 😀

No due time, no dead line. Just my hook, my yarn and my mood of the moment to choose a project from 3 😉


* An hexagon blanket. Crocheting it with the most beautiful and fantastic yarn. The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran … so soft and wonderful… I love every stitch 🙂


And I love how it is turning out 🙂


* My granny bedspread. Just grannies… I love crocheting granny squares… 3 colorful rounds surrounded with black . I will need more than 270 squares so it is a long project for a double bedspread…


A project of patience. A project of LOVE 🙂 Hope to finish it this winter 🙂 Not sure about it…. But NO PRESSURE… Just enjoying the crocheting part 🙂 Enjoying every little square done 🙂


* And this soothing calming relaxing rainbow baby blanket. I love how it calms me when I pick it 🙂

I should always have a ripple between my wips 🙂


And I love how this one is turning out too 🙂

Well, my friend, these are my 3  projects of the moment. I love sharing them with you. I have today a full day of home duties and I simply hate that. So if you’re crocheting today think about me 🙂

Sending you all my love through this post

and Wishing you a happy weekend full of crochet 😉

Stay safe