How are you today? Here the sun is shining and the weather is super great! It feels like SPRING already 🙂

My fairy tale blanket is 12 rows already and I am so happy with how it is turning…Wanna see?

Mmmmh I just love it :):)

Still have 4 rows to go and the border (my favorite part)

Talking about borders…Do you remember this post about the 7 blankets of my home? Well, actually, I stopped for a few days now my fairy tale blanket and I am crocheting a border for the first 3 blankets in this post…Yes I have 3 old blankets without borders and I can not stand anymore looking at them without a proper border… It is like there is something huge missing to them 🙁 So I decided to crochet a beautiful border to each one of them… A beautiful and “unique” special border to each…and I started with blanket #2 the stripes…

I will show you, of course, pics of before and after for every blanket…

and now, I shall leave you with a last pic of fairy tale…which became now a big lovely square…

Have a wonderful day,

and see you very soon 😉