“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. Twyla Tharp”

Hello ladies,

Yesterday I read this beautiful quote and found it so true, dont you think?

So, how’s everything? It’s been ages since I last post…I’ve been busy a lot this previous week and missed you…

I am now making the final touches on my MONSTER…crocheting the border…yaaaaay…it is turning out great!

It is so heavy and really really big and I love putting it all on my knees while crocheting 🙂 This is my biggest project and I am so proud of myself…

I started this blanket on the 4th of october with a little fear that I’ll not be able to finish it…but now, I am so close to see it done that I can not help myself every minute of the day to go take a look and make 2 or 3 stitches of the border…

So, I hope, this week I’ll show it to you 100% done with lots lots lots of pics!

I don’t know yet how i am gonna take it with my camera but I’ll find a way for sure to show it to you from every corner:)

So, before leaving you, I am gonna send you sunshine and warm weather  through my blog… hoping to receive some beautiful white snow from yours…  (we have a 30 Celsius outside today and I really miss the autumn weather)

Have a beautiful monday!

Sunshiny kisses,