Good morning my friend,

How are you today?

The we was great, I’ve been very busy the past week here at home…did not find soo much time for blogging but managed good time for crocheting 🙂

So, today I’m gonna show you the progress made with the MONSTER:) I am feeling soo happy crocheting this blanket and I am loving it day after day more and more 🙂

I’ve made 3 rows until now: which is 21 squares done soo far…These are the last 7 squares:

I am feeling so sorry that I did not make it clear when I said who wants to join me in this big adventure…

Some of you crocheted a square and wanted to send it to me…This was sooo kind from you, thank you soo much…but It was not about that (although I loved this idea of making something from different squares coming from around the world:) maybe next time;))

All I meant was: Who wants to join me and make your own MONSTER like mine so we can encourage ourselves and crochet together something as big as this kind of blanket…

Anyhow sorry again…

So, what do you think?

Isn’t it beautiful or is it just me who see it with the eyes of love? 🙂

I think I am a granny lover 🙂

Have a perfect week my friend!

Wherever you are around this globe, I wish you a beautiful monday 🙂