Hello hello hello

How are you doing sweet friends? I’ve been having some technical issues with my blog lately and I know that my posts are not reaching the emails subscribers and I am very sorry about that. I hope that it is fixed now and that you’ll be receiving all the new posts from Le monde de Sucrette 🙂


Thank you so much for the lovely response to my latest pattern. Knowing that you liked it and that you are already crocheting it makes me very very happy ♥


For the ones that did not receive my latest posts and wish to purchase this fresh and springy hexagon flower, you can find it HERE 🙂


Today, the girls  are back to school and Joe back to daycare. The house is silent and calm and I already missed them 🙁


I’ve been working lately on this very old wip of mine : the granny stripes. Together with the old ripple they will be on the girls beds for spring time. I’m thinking about doing them half blankets… for the bottom part of the bed …( can’t find the name of that not very big blanket that you lay just on the bottom of the bed)  like many lovely pics I saw on Pinterest 🙂


So, I’m nearly done with them both… Still have 10 rows for the ripple (will show it to you next time) and 20 rows on this granny stripes 🙂


I am really pleased with how they are turning out. Fresh and colorful 😀


And I’ve been spending a lot of time in my kitchen lately and enjoying it 🙂


Who would have guessed 10 years ago that I’ll enjoy cooking and baking one day 🙂 Not me 🙂 I am discovering a new “me” and I love that new “me”


I’ve been baking a lot of cakes and home made bread in the new “pangourmet” oven a gift from my adorable man 😉 and enjoying it… the smell is wonderful and the taste delicious 🙂


Have to leave you now and make some boring chores around the place 😉


I’ll be back very soon,

Sending you kisses!