It’s been an awful week for me …I was sick sick sick and feeling not good at all….three days with high temperature and an awful headache… I am now on antibiotics … and today I am a little better 🙂

These days I was like sleeping all day long, not capable of going out from bed, turning on the computer was a very hard thing to do and holding a hook too 🙂 I was feeling desperate … and felt like crying all day long 🙂

Now, the sun is shining again for me and I am feeling better…

These pics are from a project I’m making along with the baby granny blanket but I totally forgot to blog about it… It is a new cover for a leather stool I have… will show you more soon…

I really really missed blogging and hope to be more present with you next week. The girls are now on summer vacation and I have to begin preparing baby’s nursery etc…Hope to share all this with you my friends 🙂

The baby set pattern is almost ready…will post it on monday (crossing my fingers)

I wish you a beautiful weekend and send you all my love!


P.S: I want to give a big thank you to Barbina for giving me the Sunshine Award! It brought sunshine to my day and made me so happy so I forgot for a while my awful headache 🙂 THANK YOU Barbina!