This is not a long post just a quick one to say hello how are you? hope everything is good in your part of the world 🙂

My life is a little bit chaotic these days. It is always like that in November and December. It seems like time is running very fast and sometimes I feel like I wake up on monday morning and close my eyes and it is already friday evening… yes time flies… and I keep reminding myself to slow down… slow down and enjoy the moment… slow down and manage to do some crochet… an hour per day… not more… slow down and breathe 🙂


So I am right now edging my squares with black…


It is taking me like forever but I know deep inside that the result will be amazing 🙂


And I am working too on Sarah’s bedspread whenever I can. I’m progressing very slowly on it but ripples are always a joy to work on so I am not in a hurry to finish it… not at all 😉


And while I crochet, the girls are now completely addicted to the perler beads (hama beads). They spent most of their free time on these 🙂


Their little colorful creations make me very happy and I am proud of their creativity. The two birds of the first pic and the clown on the second pic are totally created by them and when I asked my 7 years daughter why her clown’s mouth is not centered in his face she replied that he is whistling and that made me laugh 😀

Well, my friend, this is all that I have to share with you today!

I am wishing you a lovely weekend with your loved ones!

Stay warm and enjoy the moment 🙂