Good morning my lovelies,

How’s everything?

Yesterday, was a big day for me, as I used my sewing machine again after a really long time period and I made something on my own without any help 🙂 I am so proud of myself and could not resist showing to you 🙂

Here it is: Beba the bear…

I sew Beba using small pieces of leftover fabric …and I enjoyed a lot making her…

Even if she’s not perfect, I am very happy with the result 🙂 and I keep looking at her sitting here in my new craft room and I keep smiling to myself 🙂 (crazy woman)

Now, I can sew and paint as I have my very own craft room …yes…a small craft room for me and only me 🙂 I painted it in soft apple green with one wall in red ….

Wanna see some pics? I’ll show you some pics and leave other for another post as I still need to add some shelf and some other details 😉 before the “studio” is really finished 🙂

First I have a white cabinet…wanna see what’s inside? Let’s open it right now…Tadaaaaaaaaaa

I folded the pieces of fabric and I arranged them nicely… hoping that they will stay like this for a while 🙂

mmmh love when I open this cabinet … and this one too…full of colorful yarns 🙂 miammmm

and here we have a corner for painting stuff…in a small wood closet

I am so excited to paint again …

Hey! Beba! What are you doing up there? enjoying the new craft room eh?

That’s all lovely people 😀

Hope you enjoyed…

Thank you for your visit and have a wonderful day wherever you are,