How are you?

Two days ago, a friend passed by for a visit. A friend I had not seen for a long time and who’s living in France. When visiting my place, she asked with a weird tone: Isn’t it too colorful?

And these few words made me think about my place…Isn’t it too colorful? Was I doing too much? putting too much colors everywhere? Does my hubby like this sweet colorful home or he don’t tell anything to not hurt my feelings?

I was thinking and thinking about all these things and had a headache at the end …

I just love my home…I love every corner of it…but people keep saying to me that it is too colorful…sometimes they don’t tell directly…but they make sentences that hide this idea in them…

and sometimes people influence strongly our thoughts…You can tell to yourself that you don’t care … that you and your family’s opinions only counts but this does not prevent you to think and rethink about your decorating taste…

Sometimes, when it is late at night and the lights are on inside my neighbours homes I sit and imagine what do their interior looks like behind these windows…I love this game…it is one of my favorites 🙂 I imagine how their place is decorated…do they have colorful walls…colorful paintings…colorful sofas or everythink is gray or beige? do they care about what people tell or not at all?

and you? do you have colorful homes?  (I would really love to see some pics of your colorful  interiors 🙂 )

Do people tell you that it is too colorful? does this makes you think about your decorating taste or you don’t care at all?

Have a colorful day!