When people ask me what do I do in my spare time and I answer crochet… they look at me in a strange way… Here in my country crochet is something “old fashioned”…

Well if crochet is an old fashion activity then I am “old fashioned” and proud to be 😀

Good morning lovely people around the globe… I am very happy to be with you today and to share my latest wips 😉 You are the only one to understand me and my crazy addiction 🙂


I am back to my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 and I was so behind with my squares but today I crocheted June11’s square and that made me very happy 😀


This blanket is very special and I love it… Looking at it brings back memories and I really put my heart into crocheting each square of it 🙂


I felt in love with this idea to make each day of 2014 a square depending on your mood and even though I did not 100% stick to it I still choose the color of my square depending on how I feel 🙂


I am back also to my Vintage Stripy Blanket. Crocheting these colorful stripes calm me in the evening after a rough day… they take my stress away and I love adding one row each evening to this beauty 🙂


Call me crazy but I started also another granny square bedspread for our room 🙂 Yes I am crazy but granny squares with a black border was on my to-do list from long ago and I simply love them. They have a vintage sweet look that I adore 🙂 I am crocheting this new blanket with a thicker yarn (100% acrylic Nako Vizon yarn) than my granny with white bedspread…so a 4 rounds -square is big as a 6 rounds-square on the white one… This new bedspread will be for winter 😉


I’ll crochet it with these 35 colors and the black for the last round 🙂

Thank you dear friend for visiting today,

it is always a pleasure having you here!

Kisses and love