Good morning dear you behind your screen,

Look what I’ve just bought from a very cute shop this we:


It is a “tableau en 3D” in french and I can not find the right word in English : 3D wall-frame maybe?

and I fall literally in love with it! Love at first sight :D:D OOOOh my god, I have to have it!! and NOW! even if it was too expensive for my budget…but I could not resist …

It is dangerous, this kind of attraction to objects… 🙂 but isn’t it beautiful? This yellow wooden window (it reminded me my childhood, I don’t know why…) with its “Fer Forgé” balconyjust gorgeous…

and these cute potholders with flowers….sooo lovely…

and all these cute details that makes it looks real (there is even a curtain with a fireplace inside)…mmmmh

I adore it! and I so want to hang it on the entrance wall but it is heavy, soo heavy because of the real stones used for the wall :S…and I need a man for that kind of job 😉 I’ll try to convince mine to do it tonight…;)

and finally my lovelies, few crochet pics to show you my MONSTER wip ….

I am now making the 7 squares of the 4th row…

which I’m gonna show you this week …I promise 😉

and now I have to leave you and wish you a wonderful week full of joy, peace and LOVE!