Good morning !

After finishing the baby blanket I decided I have to make some progress on “Love @ first sight” and maybe maybe try to finish it…

This project holds a special place in my heart and I’m still so in love that when I’m crocheting it I feel like my heart beats with joy… I want to make it HUGE…Yes a very very big blanket  … Hope I can stay so in Love to realize this wish 😉

So, my lovelies, some pics to show what I did so far…

and did you notice the small hearts ? (specially in the 2d row) Thank you  Jane who made me see these tiny hearts in a previous comment 🙂

I’m sending you LOVE LOVE LOVE  in this post… did you catch some?

Have a lovely day!

I’m flying to Istanbul by the end of this week for 5 days  … Will be back soon 😉