Good morning to you,

My creative space for this week is two new wip projects , yes, yes, yes, I began two projects and I left for awhile my MONSTER, making two new projects with the leftover yarns of the MONSTER (even if it is not DONE yet, I know that I’ll have a lot of leftovers so I have to make something(s) with them :):)

So, my friend, with no more blablabla, I’ll show you: The first project :

I know, I know, You are asking yourself right now “what is she making this crazy woman??” hehe 🙂

I am making a big-empty-cylinder-crocheted-thing which will become, when done, a very cute “thing”…to surprise you… Sorry, but I’ll not tell now… 😉 It is a SURPRISE! I hope that it will turn beautifully-cute so I’ll share with you the pattern…

The second project, is an hexagonal small throw for my couch :

Thanks to the lovely Michelle who, in my “the 7 blankets of my home” post suggested to me the idea of making an hexagonal blanket … I am making now one, Michelle, but it will not be a BIG one, just a decorative one to give a little “life” to the couch 🙂

I’m using the pattern of the wonderful “Lucy” but without making the chain-loop round ( round4) and I’m crocheting with the leftovers of my unfinished MONSTER :):)

Finally, before I go, I want to thank each and every one of you for the lovely comments you are leaving in my blog…They are “illuminating” my day and making me very very happy:) Thank you all!

Have a beautiful week!