Good morning to you all,

I’ve been planning lately in my head a new blanket with 7 yummi colors…

and turning and turning and turning the whole idea with many patterns on my mind etc…

and I was not doing anything about it because I have many projects still working on…

But now, that the romance shawl is done, I still have to finish my country flowers blanket which is 65% done:

and my zigzagy blanket (granny stripes blanket)

which is 65% done also 🙂

So, I promised myself to finish one of these two before I even think of beginning a new blanket which will be my “Childhood memories” blanket.

I know, I’m gonna finish the country flowers first, but I could not help myself trying 2 patterns with these beautiful colors.

Aren’t they lovely together?

The first pattern: It is a granny simple one with the 7 colors. The border will be with this red color I adore…and I’ll be mixing the colors differently in each square:

And this is the second pattern: Smaller flower squares. In each square I use 3 of the 7 colors and the white one. Here also the border will be in red.

I think I will make the final border for the whole blanket in white.

So, what do you think? which pattern do you prefer? the first one or the second?

I’m gonna think about it while I’m finishing my country flowers blanket which is becoming bigger and really really nice.

Have a lovely day!