Good evening my friend,

Every crochet-lover (like me) have at home a box of left-behind-unfinished-wip-projects, Am I right? We always start a project and something happens (like a new yarn arrival, a photo on flickr, a project on someone else blog that inspires us a lot…) and we leave behind what we’re working on to begin something new more exciting …and this happens always to me…:(

This week, I decided to open the “left-behind-unfinished-wip-projects-box and finish every project in it before end 2010!! and what a challenge for me!!

But, as I will not be able to finish wip-blankets I decided to tranform them into cushions…and That will lead me to make 7 different CUSHIONS !! yaaayyyyyyyy!!

I’ll show you today two projects I am finishing right now:

The first one is a rectangle cushion:

I found in “the box” 60 small granny squares. The original idea was to make a baby blanket and that was in march 2010 but as nobody got pregnant around me I left the baby blanket behind…for something else…

So I decided to join the 60 squares (6×10) together and make a big rectangle cushion:

I’ll show it to you when it will be 100% done in another post 🙂

The second project is a cushion I started in june 2010

I started crocheting this cushion with a thin cotton yarn and when my order of ricco creative (which is a thicker cotton yarn) arrived I left behind this cushion to try the new yarn:)

and today I am finishing it and I’ll show it to you “done” very soon I hope!

and I am also finishing my mexican cushion 🙂

So my dears, stay tuned for a lot of 100% done-cushions-posts soon to come 🙂

and you? Do you have a box of left-behind-projects? Will you empty it like me before end2010??

Here the weather is gray, windy, rainy and cold…the perfect weather to stay at home and crochet …

I am gonna make a cup of tea, put on some music, and and and….crochet 🙂

Have a warm evening!