Good morning,

How’s everything today?

Yes, I know, I made a promise to myself to finish my MONSTER before beginning any new project…but I received some Japanese books and I could not resist trying one of the lovely patterns….

I can tell you one thing: The Japanese crochet books are FANTASTICALLY WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL (is that a sentence? :)) I knew this before, because some of you bought already, but when you have one in your hands it is a totally new magical crocheting experience…

and you will judge by yourself when I’ll show you some of the pages…

So, I began, a new cushion…

A Mexican cushion… That’s what my husband name it 🙂

…maybe because of the colors…

So, tell me, do you love the pattern? will it become a nice cushion?

I felt in love with this pattern and, the second I saw it, I began to crochet it:D:D

I took this pattern from this lovely book, I bought online from here.

Really really really if you love to make blankets, throws or even small projects I recommend this book…

I’m gonna show you some of the pages…yalla

This is a throw I will make for sure one day 🙂 (in the pic above) isn’t it beautiful?

So, what do you think?

Have a super tuesday!