Good moooorning, hello, bonjouuuuur

How are you? Hope you’re fine today! It seems like time is flying for me these days and I’m running like crazy 🙂 I wish I’ve had just a couple of hours per day to sit quietly and crochet 🙂

I’m making progresss on the baby granny blanket but it is a very slow one … I really should be finishing this blanket by now…but with an average of 10 minutes of crochet per day it is quite impossible 🙂

I’m loving the slow making of it…I must confess

Apart from that, life is quite and ordinary…we’re enjoying the summer days…we’re enjoying the “at-home” days…

 and we’re making progress too in our “construction-works”…we’ve already made the walls to divide the space:

Here is my future craft rooms (It has the two windows you see on the right side of this pic and the door on the left) The other half where I’m standing to take this pic is my hubby’s place…We’ll have a big closet in the middle to make a boundary between our two spaces 😉

Now, we’re gonna put new tiles on the floor (I’ll show you, next time, when it will be done)

Have a happy week my friend!