Good morning ,

Just a quick post with two pics to say hello and wish you a wonderful weekend !

Sorry again for this coming period and the fact that I’ll be less present here…but this do not mean I am not crocheting…no no no…I am 🙂 in the evenings, in front of the TV, to distress and let go all the problems of the day 🙂

and this is my ripple blanket which became a little bigger 🙂 Mmmmh Love it… and love to snuggle under it as it is very soft 🙂

Before leaving you I want to thank you again for all the nice comments you are leaving …They make my heart dance with joy 🙂

and one last thing: I am not from France, I am from a little beautiful country called Lebanon you are welcome to visit anytime 🙂 I have a French background that’s why my English is not so good 😉

Have a beautiful weekend and thank you again for your visit,