Good morning my friend!

How are you feeling today? I hope that a big smile is illuminating your face in this grey morning 🙂

Another Monday, another week, another day to love, another day to be thankful for all the joys granted ! Trying to live everyday as if it is my last… (trying, just trying, sometimes it doesn’t work 😉 )

I enjoyed so much my ripples of happiness that once it was done I felt like something was missing in my crochet life… so, I started another ripple … yes another one 🙂

Although I am still crocheting Myyy vintage blanket (I’m joining the squares of the last 4 rows now) I needed a ripple as second wip…to alternate between the joys every project gives and to not get bored too…

So, I had to…start another ripple…

Let’s show you first the yarn…mmmh…yarn is one of the best things man has ever invented 😀 hahaha  Don’t you agree? 😀

I want this time to use the colors of the rainbow as they are…

… pure and bold and in sequence as in a rainbow…

…because nothing is better in a grey and cold day (or night) of winter than to snuggle under a rainbow warm blanket 🙂

The yarn is (once more) Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic and very soft yarn… (still waiting for their online shop so you can order your nako yarn too wherever you are around this globe 😉 )

I’m following this pattern

choosing the colors as they come in the rainbow…

and alternating the number of rows of every color as in Lucy’s ripple

I’m loving it so far… loving it loving it toooooo much… I even crocheted the pink-red-orange part and it is “light” mmmh a lovely warm kind of “light” but I did not take pics yet (I’ll show you next time)

and did you spot my new basket??? It is the most perfect basket for crochet I’ve ever had so far… It is big enough to hold all the yarn colors I use (sometimes more than 20!) and it can even holds two WIP together 🙂 I’m in love with it!

Have to go now… I’ve got a very busy day today!

Sending you BIG parcels of love through this post… Catch them 😉

Have a lovely day!