Hello my friend,

I just want to begin this post by thanking every single one of you for all these sweets comments you are leaving on my posts…It is making me really happy reading them:) Thank you again …You bring sunshine to my mornings!

This is the round granny cushion… (not so round i’m afraid…because my sewing skills are still very poor 🙁 but I’m practicing and practice makes perfect, no? ;))

But I think it’s cute, don’t you?

Maybe I’ll put the pattern later … when I go back to my-normal-life 🙂

And this is my yarns: 30 colors in total (40 new yarns and lot of left overs from previous projects)

I am gonna make a granny monster …yes yes a GRANNY MONSTER to test my crochet patience…

Something really big made with big granny squares: Every granny made with 14 rounds (every round crocheted with a different color:)Yes, I like to change constantly the colors, I am a little bit crazy;) )…

A total of 49 squares (7×7) to cover all our double sized bed…(I’ll show you something next time, I’ve already made 3 squares…and it is looking gorgeous…

So, I have to leave you now and wish you a fantastic week end… (Here we are still in summer and the weather is very hot…)

BIG BIG kisses,