* Colors on my table…


* Colors on my nails: I don’t remember when was the last time I put some colors on my nails…maybe in 2006 ???? 🙂


* Our old phone: It is one of the objects I truly cherish in the house. It belonged to my beloved uncle who passed away two years ago…Every time I look at it I think about him and how good and kind and loving he was…


* The kind of books that make me happy…


* My sweet girls: The house is soooo very quiet when they are at school and I miss them a lot…They are the sunshine of my days…


* Baby Joe: He is already 4 months old and he smiles a lot a lot and that makes my heart sing with joy 🙂


* My actual work in progress: “Fall” in love : a blanket I am enjoying to the max 😉


* My formal living: It looked so cosy and warm this morning…


* My living with a lot of baskets full of yarn: My husband is always asking me why there is in this house, everywhere, sooo many baskets full of yarn… Should I answer or no?? 🙂

Have a warm week!

Sending you kisses and hugs…


P.s: I decided to make from time to time this kind of post with just snapshots and a little text under each one …Hope you’ll enjoy them!