Good morning sweeties I’ve been making some real progress on the happy blankie lately and I thought about sharing with you (again…remember here?) the four stages of a square’s life…

I always choose first the colors…then I work the first round with every color I have…


Then I add a second round with every color too…


then a third round…


then a fourth…


This is my favorite “technique” to work a blanket… It helps you work with all the colors you want without wasting time to choose colors and guessing which color you have to pick now… It makes you use all your colors …


Now I finished all the squares of my happy blankie…


Aren’t they gorgeous? 99 squares 🙂 (the final blanket will be 11 x 9 squares) yaaaay!!!!!!!!


Now I am really really excited about the joining part 😀 My favorite! But I think I will not make it now because it is too hot… So the squares of the happy blankie will have to wait in the basket until september maybe 😉

Now I’ll be working on my amineko  and the pink stool (more about this wip later 🙂 )


I can not leave you today without showing you my latest gift… something that made me really really happy last week… a set of colorful clover hooks straight from the U.S 🙂

They are gorgeous and a pure pure pleasure to crochet with 🙂


I am in love with their bright colors and their softness…I am really really hooked 😉

If you wish to order a set for you (they are really amazing!), it is right here from amazon. Go take a look 😉

Wishing you a colorful monday and a very happy week!