Gooooood morning my friend!

I am super duper happy today to show you the rocking chair and its before and after…

I know that many of you suggested that I leave it in its original color … sorry 🙁 I couldn’t …as I did not like at all its sad grey color… I had to transform it so every time I look at it I have a smiley idiot face 🙂 hahaha

I loved every suggestion you left for me… and after the original post I was a little bit confused between all these wonderful ideas: red, yellow, beige, blue, green, orange woooow! Wish I could have it in a different color each day…but I had to make a choice and here it was…

Are you readyyyyyyyy?








Yes, a blue lavender…the pics don’t show the color as it is “live”…The real color is a little bit more “purple” if you see what I mean…

This is the fabric I chose…


I am really really really so in love with my rocking chair as I keep changing the blanket and the pillow on it… and looking at it and smiling 🙂 yes, that idiot smile 😉

Two last pics for you…



Excuse the pics…the light was too much strong this morning…but I could not resist taking the pics as soon as I woke up 🙂

Thank you dear friend for your visit today… I am always very happy to have you and to read your sweet and kind mails and comments 🙂

Have a lovely sunshiny day!


P.S: I am still preapring the cute little crocheted “thing”…hope to show it to you soon 😉