Some pics of my week so far. I love to share with you these simple moments of joy of my everyday 🙂


* Enjoying the very first hours of my morning with a cup of coffee, a little crochet and some planning 🙂



* Looking around at my messy house after the children has gone for school and daycare and enjoying being alone… completely alone… just me and myself 🙂




*Progressing on the girls ponchos and dreaming of spring 🙂



* Drawing and coloring with my oldest while she was feeling sick and stayed home. This girl is very talented with choosing and mixing colors and I am proud 🙂



* Enjoying my one square/day of the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014, watching it slowly grow and dreaming about how big it will be once done 🙂 (January and February in the pics above)

Before leaving you today I want to apologize for being such a bad blogger… I know that I barely write a comment or reply to an email or comment and I am really ashamed of myself… But believe me, I always write my posts in a hurry… I am always in a hurry… so excuse my lack of writing back to you 🙁 I promise to make efforts… I always visit, read your posts but don’t comment 🙁 Bad me….

Wishing you a lovely weekend!