Helloooo lovelies,

Lovely weather today and I’m in a lovely springy mood too 🙂 hello hello hello again! It’s so lovely to have you here 🙂

and it was soooo lovely reading all your sweet messages on my last post….

THANK YOUUU!! thank you all for every word written 🙂

Yesterday I finished my daisies cushion….a very simple and cute rectangle cushion…

I felt so in love with it that I took it with me to the bed hehe 🙂

I crocheted this little cushion using the leftover yarns of my stylecraft special DK (yes I still have leftovers from my MONSTER 🙂 )

I crocheted one side and hand sew it to an old fabric cushion … (yes I know I am a lazy woman ;))

I have now to leave you….I’m going to make some paintings and I am very happy to hold again a brush and to mix colors and put them on a white background 🙂

Have a colorful day !