Good morning!

Today’s post is about my vintage blanket progress… Just some pics to show you what I’ve crocheted so far… Here we go:

12 joined squares, 12 unfinished squares…

… and 48 first-round 🙂

That will make when done a total of 9 rows! Youpiii!

But the BIG BIG news is a new kind of yarn my mother bought for me on Saturday…hmmmm…deliciosa…I could not resist trying it and I fall madly deeply…and I started something new too…and I can not take it from my hands 😀

So, my lovelies, in my next post: New yarn, new kind of colors never used before, new wip and a new cute graphic pattern too 😉

Stay tuned!


P.S: Thank you again and again for all these lovely messages you are leaving here 🙂 They warm up my days !