Good morning 🙂

I am often tagged on Instagram to show What I’m Doing Now (widn) and this always makes me happy 🙂 I love to see what others are making now and showing what I’m doing too…

I love Instagram… It is my favorite social media… I am a pictures lover… When I was young I remember reading only the books with pictures inside… I love to see… see glimpses of other people’s life, home, wips etc…this makes me extremely happy 🙂


These days I am back to my granny white…

Remember it? I started it with a huge need to crochet granny squares… I still don’t know what will it becomes… But working on it makes me happy…extremely 😉


I’ve made 3 first rounds of each color in my stash… I crochet in series like a machine… a machine that enjoys what she’s doing 🙂 hahaha

Did you spot something attached to my hook in the above pic?


Well it is a crochet necklace a gift from a very sweet friend Susan… You wear this cute necklace while crocheting and you will never ever loose your hook… or your scissor too (It holds both)

A wonderful and clever idea eh?

Susan have an etsy shop where she sells these wonderful crochet necklaces and other cute crocheted items too… You can visit it right here 🙂 and you’ll love it 🙂

Thank you so much Susan for these two necklaces… I’m wearing one of them right now 🙂


And WIDN? Well crocheting, crocheting, crocheting…



… adding more squares to this beauty

…. and in a while I’ll be baking some delicious cookies 😉 Mmmmmh

Have a sweet day 🙂