was a good kind of hooky week…

A lot happened around here 🙂

My crochet mood blanket 2014 is coming up nicely…


I am loving working on it and sometimes I feel like I want to finish it all and not do just one square per day 🙂


These are the first 14 days of February 🙂

I chose some yarn to begin a new project too…


A vintage stripy blanket…


This blanket is crocheted with rows of trebles only… I began with a 150 chain and I am working the tr in the space between the trs of the previous row … that is giving to it this lovely effect 🙂 I love it so far… and I’ve progressed on it too 🙂


It will be a big gorgeous blankie I am sure already 🙂

I love how the colors are melting together…this reminds me a little the moss stitch effect …but this is a lot quicker to crochet 😉


Working on big rows is very soothing and calming…


The best medicine when your children are grumpy and sick 😉


And I am also still working on my granny with white border…

white granny wip

and enjoying it 🙂 OOOH the pleasure of crocheting granny squares … I just love crocheting them…

new yarn love

I’ll leave you now with this last pic of some gorgeous yarn I bought just for the pleasure…without any project plan for them in my head 🙂

And this is for me the best kind of shopping on earth 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend my friends, thank you for your visit and see you very very soon 😉

Kisses and love


P.S: You keep asking me about the yarn I use for my projects. It is mostly turkish brands (Nako, Mirage)  I buy from my local store here in Beirut. And unfortunately you can not find them online 🙁 They are very similar to the Stylecraft special DK  a brand you can order easily online 😉