Good morning lovely ladies around the globe 🙂

How’s everything?

So, I started something for myself with the sooooo beautiful yarn Joumana sent me…(Joumana, with every stitch I make I think of you and thank you 🙂 )

You know something? I’ve never tried to crochet with something else rather than acrylic and cotton yarn 🙂 funny eh? and I am sooooo enjoying the softness of the alpaca yarn…will I become addicted? Hoping no 😉

I’m crocheting a granny shawl for myself like you already guessed from the title of the post…a big big granny shawl…big enough to wrap me completely 😀

Wanna see some pics?

This is the start of my granny shawl…

The pattern is very simple to follow…it is like crocheting a granny square cut in half 😉 .

and like all granny squares it is ADDICTIVE and easy and perfect to crochet with a baby, or watching T.V as you don’t need much concentration to make it…

This is the graphic of the shawl if you’re interested in making one for yourself or as a gift for someone special…

It is crocheted in rows.

I managed to add more rows before I wrote this post…This is my progress so far…

Yes it is very fast to crochet 😉

Would you join me in this new adventure? Hope that you will … so we can both wear our big and beautiful granny shawls and think about each others 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Big kisses


 P.S: “Love birds” the bedspread I was crocheting for our room is almost done…I am making right now its border…so suspect a tadaaaaa post very soon…it will be explosive 🙂

I am having some problems with the subscriptions and I know that many of you are not receiving e-mails notifications every time I write a new post…I am so sorry about that…I’ll try my best to fix this problem asap.