Hello hello hello!

I’m slowly but surely progressing on my ripple and I thought about sharing with you the pattern I’m working on. It is a very old pattern from an old french magazine I found in my mother stash. And because the pattern is explained in french I decided to draw a graphic for you my friend !

The pattern is similar to Lucy’s one but it is more wavy. The concept is still the same… it is still  about rippling and rippling 🙂

How soothing it is to ripple…mmmh…a delicious feeling after a rough day 🙂

So, here it is:

First you have to make a chain multiple of 14 + 3… I advice you to make a small sample so you can try out the pattern and once you’re confident about it you’ll start with a longer chain for your future blanket to be…

So let’s start with a small sample…. always always always let it be a multiple of 14 + 3… This is the magical formula! Here it is 31 (14×2 + 3 = 31)

These are the first 2 rows… you continue with the others like for these first two …

and one last thing:  Always remember to crochet 3 treble in the last stitch of every row…

A very easy pattern to follow you’ll see…You have to try it to discover how simple it is …

and remember…I’m always ready to help if you have any question… 😉

Happy crocheting!


P.S: All my graphics are made using Corel Draw, a graphic design software!